Graph Integration

The BI tools come with the limited data representing options on the dashboards and deliver on elementary information. We offer the D3 and AngularJS graph integration into the dashboards for the enterprises to access data more conveniently. The graph integration helps the end users to access the data into a more understandable form for extracting specific information. With the help of different graphical representation, the user can target the specific data without going through the whole data stack.

With the graph integration ensure the data representation in the most presentable way for grasping the in-depth details. This attribute also enables the end users to hunt down any specific information quickly on the dashboard without wasting much time. In addition, visually the dashboard will look more effective with the graph integration and you can share the information with other board members without the need for graph conversion.


AngularJS Dashboards

Nimble-i offers the dashboards on the AngularJS for the enterprises expecting some of the additional applications not being offered by the existing BI tools. The custom development of the dashboards enables the companies to ask for any specification and feature according to their need. This allows you to ask the developer to create any particular application using the AngularJS.

By leveraging the custom dashboard development, you will be able to drive any kind of data or information needed for business growth. Our developers will understand your need and will come up with different application integration ideas to help you in boosting the data intelligence support.


Portal Integration

We offer the Portal Integration that allows the enterprises to avail the BI tool functionalities across their portal. By integrating the BI tool with the company portal/websites you can take advantage of analytics in their portal itself. Portal Integration helps the enterprises in managing & displaying data across all the applications easily. With the help of reports, charts and graphs, the end users can have widgets for their applications and can also avail the automatic data export benefit.

In order to make the most out of the data intelligence, the enterprises can use the portal integration for their other in-house applications. The owners and employees as well will be able to access the data information more conveniently across the applications in the company. Ensure the data strength for your entire business with Portal integration service from Nimble intelligent solutions.


Convert & Export

We also offer the support for converting the deep analytical data into different format of files for exporting. You may need the data to send or showcase it to Business Users or Decision Makers who can access those file as and when require on any device. Nimble-i can help you to export the dashboards to any format such as word, excel, ppt and many more using various API’s.