Architecture & Implementation

We create a robust BI environment for the businesses using the technology-based assessment. First going through the client's need at elementary level we prepare a BI roadmap for implementing an effective strategy. We believe in 5 pillars BI strategy that includes a Business architect, solution, organization, solutions, and vision. Using these as the foundation Nimble-i consultants handcraft a success map for the organization. This process also includes setting up the data warehouse for the client, meanwhile our experts work over the data analytics part. Depending upon the enterprise goals our BI service also includes suggesting latest technology, hardware consulting and data cleaning process.

The team of experts incorporates the needed business insights and technical skill set that deliver the BI environment successfully. Nimble-i BI experts are aware of every in and out of the BI implementation that makes them able to tackle any real-time issues and troubles. We make sure that implementation process takes lesser time with our creative approach and also ensure the proper working of the installed BI platform. Below are some of the processes we are expert in:

  • BI Object Creation
  • Schema Designing
  • Database Implementation
  • Big Data Support
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Seeding
  • Data Extraction, Transformation, Load (ETL)

Dashboards & Reports

The traditional dashboards only offer some graphical and number illustration for the users that make it hard for them to understand the data. Nimble-i offers modern visually rich dashboards that transformers the critical data into more visual grasping information. Our experts use the business insights, technical abilities and a flair for visual expertise to build user-friendly dashboard. In addition, we also offer the scoreboards for the enterprises to keep an eye on the organization's progress via a regular update on the different business metrics. Nimble-i is specialize in implementing and installing below Dashboards & Reports.

  • MicroStrategy Dashboards & Reports
  • Tableau Dashboards & Reports
  • Power BI Dashboards & Reports

With Nimble-i you will get an experience beyond dashboards & reports. 

User Specific Reports

We customize the dashboards and reports with the suitable filters that will only come up with the user needed data. This helps the users in acquiring the relevant data only instead of getting confused with the stack of data.

Trending Graphs

We integrate the trending Graphs into the dashboards which represents the data over the graph which can be easily understood by the end users to use the information in the decision making.


Mobile Application

BI Mobile Application Support

Nimble-i also provides the support to Microstrategy, Tableau, Power BI for mobiles for the users who want to use their smartphone to access the dashboards and reports. The BI Mobile app works similar to the desktop version and serves all the necessary functionalities to the users.


As most of the smartphone users have the Android operating system, so we offer the BI Mobile support for the Android. The BI mobile solution will work perfectly on the Android smartphones to go through all the required details and features. 


Considering the second most used operating system in the smartphone we also provide support for the iOS devices.

Application Integration

Your business data lies on the different island that your corporate professionals interacting with the system. Nimble-i uses the Application Integration methodologies, frameworks, and various practices to provide the coordinated way of interacting with different BI tools and apps.


SDK Customization

the BI tools come with standard set of functionalities designed by the creator for the being operational. This generates the requirement of the SDK customization which means the changes in the tool’s SDK file. Our developers with deep learning about the tools and SDK of the MicroStrategy can only customize the files. The process of making changes in the SDK of the MicroStrategy to acquire specific and additional feature is known as the SDK customization. But, Nimble-i offers the SDK customization service for the enterprises wants to customize the MicroStrategy according to their requirements.

Theming and Branding

This helps the enterprises to choose a certain type of themes using the SDK customization to replace it with the default one. In order to make match the tool’s branding with the company’s official branding color, theme or logo the theming and Branding service can be avail by the enterprises.

New Feature Addition

The enterprises that requiring some other functionalities for their data analytics which is not available in the MicroStrategy by default needs to turn towards SDK customization. That particular feature or functionality can be added to the MicroStrategy using the SDK customization. 

Java API

With the help of the SDK customization, the developer can avail the MicroStrategy support for various development environments including Java. This enables the companies to have the advantage of the MicroStrategy under the development of an application in Java.



MicroStrategy Administration

Nimble-i believes in serving the 100 percent client satisfactory service and for that, we have customized a MicroStrategy administration process. The admin service includes the high level-steps needed to be taken for implementing, deploying, maintain and tuning the BI solution for the client. Once the implementation done while deploying the experts will make sure to monitor all the projects for proper execution. The admin services provide Security Implementation like applications and latest technology trends, Clustering & Load balancing, Notification & Alerts, Caching Strategies, Upgrading the MicroStrategy version and Server Monitoring.

Portal Administration

Nimble-i offers the Portal Administration service for the enterprises to manage their server portal for hassle-free execution of the applications. There is a number of portal administration tool available for the enterprises to control the important aspects of their technical environment. 

Database Administration

The enormous amount of data needs to be managed very carefully and needs to be maintained on a regular basis. The Database administration includes the installation, configuration, scrutiny, monitoring and making of the data available. We understand the value of company’s data and makes sure that it handled with the responsible hand and ensures data recovery in case of any loss.


Staffing Services

We know that the right people are required to make the company run and fulfil all requirements of the client's. This is why Nimble-i offers the staffing solution to the enterprises for hiring the truly skilled and talented people for the job. Nimble-i consultants are available as part of staffing services and experienced in

  • Designing, developing, upgrading and supporting BI application using various tools such as MicroStrategy Desktop, BI Architect etc.
  • Developing custom application using MicroStrategy SDK
  • Designing, developing and implementing mobile applications using BI Mobile Platform
  • Implementing and maintaining BI cloud services
  • Implementing BI Social Intelligence and Gateway services

We have very rigorous and comprehensive recruiting procedures to test the applicant's ability and skill. Our staffing team specializes in picking up the right ones for the clients to make their work easy.  Few of the profile are available readily.

  • BI Architect
  • BI Admin
  • Power BI Consultant
  • Tableau Consultant
  • MicroStrategy Consultant
  • BI Developer